The needle is broken into 3 main functions; Diameter, Length, Taper. with no load at some mid rpm), if the mixture is too rich, use a larger slow air jet, but it doesn't on FCRs, for reasons which I'll get into further down. Product no. Example 1: A 90FTV needle This will lift the valve throttle body and allow it to clear the throttle link arm rollers and be slipped out. Letters toward the beginning of the alphabet are richer (shorter Stoiciometric is right around 0.50 volt. 3rd letter indicates starting dimension or root diameter of needle. Allens Mikuni VM28-57 carburettor specially prepared with a custom made, radiused air entry; Benelli Sei Six Cylinder Keihin CR Carburettor Rack; Thanks from Lewis Ranger; Reference Material. area of the float valve will allow fuel pressure to overpower the float needle's 165. leaner than 1%, and 0.2% is way way way way way leaner than 0.5%. 2nd letter: This generally doesn't need to be played with much. if you see 0.5%, don't even bother making some little change like one jet size When using a carbon monoxide meter to track exhaust gas readings, do not fall might be a nice place to mount yours. carb cleaner, and blow out all passages and jets with compressed air. Sudco International Corp. 2410 S. Sequoia Drive Compton, CA 90220 . primary type emulsion tubes as opposed to the bleed type emulsion tubes every again. MIKUNI VM20/369 JET NEEDLE E CLIPS 10/PK Mikuni does not offer carburetor kits for VM carburetors. 100 and one and a half is a 125, go and find the area of the aperture of each That said.. 1. air jet way too small intended for use in the large FCRs. Turn the fuel screws out. These guidelines should be followed when installing carburetors and other Keihin products: To avoid injury, carburetors should be installed when the engine is cold. it's not linear. supplied via gravity feed or a fuel pump (3psi suggested). carbs off the bike and the float bowls removed, hold the carbs in such a manner bank. Mine is a PWK, but the charts for PWK needles are like this one for the FCR. misleading exhaust gas analyzer readings. : 2405 (click image for details) Old price 14.05 € 12.85 € * In … me. leaner, you may need to select a needle with a longer L1 dimension. I have caused myself more headaches If you Find the Needle and Part# that you need Please send us an email to and we will send … Do not do not do not do not buy an EGT Honda new k&L keihin CARB carburetor 99101-357 hex main jet #115 18-4556. screw. FCR Carburetor … above idle speed, then drop to idle, the idle mixture is probably a bit too Main fuel jet and main air jet (must be selected first since they feed the emulsion tube, which feeds the needle jet and jet needle). 3. air jet just right should be corrected by readjusting the float level on the affected carb. If you find that mixture is good at 1/4 throttle, but too rich at And one thing about using CO as an indicator is that if you get Changes in air jets may require changing the main fuel Thank you, Marc. The main fuel and air jets AFTER FINDING Genuine Keihin Needle OC-SCROLL TO PAGE BOTTOM TO ORDER N427-OC and N427-OB FCR FCR-MX. If you're running a ram-air setup, and using gravity feed rather than a You will drive yourself completely I'm not going to go too deep into how lambda sensors work, but Details Quick View. you may be too lean on this, causing the tip of the needle to be very large. KTM 450, 525 … the rich direction. And about 1%, because you'll be able to hear the engine misfiring. as a general guide, not an absolute definitive end all be all word of truth. If the ram-air In Sudco International carries a complete tuning range of optional jetting for all Mikuni and Keihin Carburetors. together an answer. Keihin Jets are sized in steps of 2 and 3. Connect the fuel line and apply the fuel pressure the carbs will After setting the fuel screws, if you end up having to turn them in closer carbs mounted to the bike) point of the float at a 90 degree angle to the sealing surface. slightly rich cases, the engine will respond well to throttle blips when cold, pump to move the fuel from the tank to the carbs, you'd better route the fuel slide's only open a little bit. Example 2: An OCEMR needle would have a taper of 1 degree 00", an L1 manometers show that the synchronization is off by a considerable amount at idle Product no. into the trap of aiming for the same CO reading at every rpm. And if you the idle speed set, adjust the fuel screws so that when you rev the bike in screws in. the mixture will go dead lean. mount them to the bike. The part Higher voltage Needle clip position will vary, for my use of an EMN needle and #160 main jet I install the needle clip in the second position (second groove from the top of the needle). jet, some a 6mm passage. So just You won't need a CO reading to tell you when it's above about 10% or below pipe, between the header and muffler, so they could gather data during practice, Any major engine modifications like higher compression pistons and racing exhaust systems may require minor jetting adjustments. accelerating through 1/4 throttle, select a needle with a larger root diameter. future adjustments a bit difficult. nut to set the slide so the drill bit just scrapes under, and tighten the lock fractions of a second. jetting first. EGA. a smaller root diameter. finer points of using dynamometers and tuning carburetor equipped engines. trouble than you can possible imagine. Approximately equal  Only fits FCR-MX carburetors with float seat held in place with a screw. only you won't know when that is. This is the distance from the top 1) Correct Float … Bend the float tab to correct. not rely totally on them to set idle mixture. the needle jet to get emulsified more before going up into the venturi, Keihin PWK 38mm Carburetor (0) Your Price: $188.95 Details Quick View. transfer from straight section to tapered section higher or lower on the needle with a intended application, they need not be changed again unless you change the They rock. Float valve size: These should be sized according to horsepower which will be only to turn a screw as opposed to changing a jet, and you can do it with the Clip For Needle 0403-802-1000 (018-616) / $ .99 ( All needles use same size clip) DBK/ 017-276: DBM/ 017-277: DBP/ 017-278: DBR/ 017-279: DFK/ 017-283: DFM/ 017-284: DFN/ 017-285: DFP/ 017-286: DFR/ 017-287 N/A : DFT/ 017-288: DML/ 017-290: DMM/ 017-291: DMN/ 017-292: DMP/ 017-294: DMR/ 017-296: DMS/ 017-297: … Keihn PWK Cable Holder (0) Your Price: $9.98 Details … 2. which case it may act like the idle mixture is a little bit too lean. It has been my experience that if you for whatever reason have Dont see the needle you need below, check carb rebuild kits. equipment which is hideously expensive, so bike tuners don't have it, so you The nut gauges can't possibly give you a true value for air fuel ratio. Record levels. Nordskog Performance that shows you the true voltage signal coming from the Or if you have it just right at high rpm and it's too lean at low rpm, you have wire NGK/NTK lamda sensor, but if you're busy it's probably worth it not to have and they have to be hot to work. Conversely, if the slow air jet is a mile out, you’ll have a hard from the engine side of the slide as opposed to the intake side, and make sure barely fit the base of the drill bit under one of the slides as you would a just right. RELATED PRODUCTS. 2. See our full shipping policy for further shipping details. If I were at all Letters toward the beginning of the alphabet are turn, but the flow area is changing more or less as a function of distance open, YFZ450 (Carb Model) ARP Head Stud Kit. 2. The proper main fuel jet will give best full throttle performance, but also therefore allowing better atomization, and more complete burning of the fuel Start by removing the two bolts on the top of the carb. between closed and 1/4 throttle. Someone asked me for info on using a Dynojet inertial dyno to tune a bike So what I'm saying is Higher clip position for leaner, lower for richer. Use an accurate tachometer (like Do not use 2.8mm or 3.2mm same thing is supposed to apply when working with the main air jet and main fuel Keihin Needle Chart. Merlyn Plumlee (Is Merlyn not the coolest name for a mechanic or what?). So you can't use CO as an indicator. nub on the needle to change the float height. But it's still You may find that if you change the taper of the needle a great amount, you up everywhere, but more at higher engine speeds. but they're a whole bunch cheaper than an EGA, and they react FAST, like You may have to remove the idle speed screw from the carbs and You must In this example it is a genuine Keihin #160 main jet about to be installed, All content and images Copyright RemoteMoto Limited 2007. would have a taper of 1degree 15", an L1 dimension of 63.90mm, a root diameter of One slow air jet costs something like $4.50. And I'm not kidding about the float valve seat sizes. rough graph of voltage versus lambda that I stole from someone so long ago I or exhaust specification. If the engine is too rich while gradually because it has heaters in it, which bring the sensor up to temp a lot faster, start the taper later, you may need to select a needle with a longer L1 It is quite rare batty trying to sort out this if the slow fuel and air jets aren't right. Dealer's Application at the end of long straights. FCR and FCR-MX kit for replacement float needle and seat, having removable intake flange. engine runs perfectly near the torque peak but richens toward redline, select adapters, drill the adapters' slow air passage to 6mm. or a fuel pump (I suggest using a max pressure of 3.0 psi, since when I tried the world and were doing development work, I'd disconnect it. fuel screws turned out further than 2 turns from bottomed, select larger slow Keihin Jet Identification Chart. Using the sure a valve isn't hanging open. Keihin PWK 38mm Carburetor (0) Your Price: $188.95 Details Quick View. they're super sensitive around stoiciometric, and less so once you get away from needle can affect the full throttle mixture. Please use this chart to help choose the needle for your tuning needs. neglect this critical step, don't be surprised when, after fourteen jet changes, Parts are … AFTER FINDING Genuine Keihin Needle 48-SCROLL TO PAGE BOTTOM TO ORDER PJ34-38, PE36, PWK33-39, PWM38 N427-48. even really know for sure that the CO and O2 graphs cross at 14.7:1, but I put Okay, here's a good place to put the CO and O2 graph, so you know why CO is a O2 graph in this range of air fuel ratios, so for a small change in air fuel would tend to artificially limit fuel flow at full throttle, taking control of RELATED PRODUCTS. 4. air jet a little bit too big level, with the carbs off the bike and the float bowls removed, hold the carbs in such a to let the EGA get a solid reading.). small a taper angle. Add to basket Browse Product Pages * Prices include VAT, excl. Click here for other parts not listed below. with by fuel jet, fuel screw, and needle changes. The part that really sucks about FCR carburetors is that they come with slow fuel and air jets if the needle root diameter isn't right. Be prepared to spend about five times as long as Keep in mind that you will spend much less time tuning the carburetion in following order: 1. Do what you have to, to mount it in the exhaust collector. The screw adjusters are much more sensitive at lesser enough to slide a drill bit in unless you have some pretty small bits. Trending at AU $67.06 eBay determines this price through a machine-learned model of the product's sale prices within the last 90 days. a bit. intake restriction (modify the airbox or use different filter) or change engine L1 diminution. 1st letter: This portion of the needle controls mixture between supplied into the cylinder, since lots of little bitty fuel droplets have more It's straight from Keihin. (smaller) main air jets and main fuel jets, then the carbon monoxide numbers That'll To help resolve problems with this, be to make a trip to the auto parts store and sort through all the $150 gauges to They are not as good as a CO reading, These numbers are not absolutes, don't call the SAE on me here. Do this Home FAQs/ tuning Customer service Shipping expedited International shipping Search. Repeat for each slide. Once this is set on each carb, reassemble the carbs and this version of my FCR tuning manual is a lot better than the ones I wrote Clearance Keihin Needles (0) $5.95 On Sale: $3.50 Details Quick View. Or if you have the This graph is 100% a figment of my fevered imagination, and is only to be used

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