Liking your kitchen. We did a similar update, back in 2008 - to our 1985 kitchen. When I went into the paint store, I was a little nervous. SW is the bomb - they actually suggested this to me when I was (slightly) whining about a exterior house color we loved, but was too dark. HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams interior paint sample allows you to try designer … I can't wait to see it finished in all it's glory!!! And the island doesn't yell, "look at me---I'm the island standing alone out here in the kitchen sea!!" Whether cool, warm, light, or bold, grays of all tones and intensities provide a fresh backdrop for decor and coordinate beautifully with tile, countertops, furnishings, and art. Our house was a mess when I started Mindfully Gray. If you are considering these two paint colors for your home, consider your furnishings and other nearby colors. What are they? White paint is frequently used with gray cabinets to provide plenty of contrast and keep the design from feeling too dark. Can't wait to follow along and see the transformation! Now—don’t get me wrong. There are no strong undertones whatsoever like mauve, peach or green as … Mindful Gray has just enough depth and very similar to Dorian Gray. It's a bit green-grey at times. I mean, I knew it was possible. And, YES. Westhighland White SW 7566. Like | 3; Save ; solhouse. Love the paint colors! 4. I heard about this over 20 years ago from my hairdresser! I can add a little bit more magic to that hack. Let me just say, my heart did a happy dance, when I read about your kitchen project! Your kitchen looks amazing! If you love the undertones of Dorian Gray but want something slightly lighter, then you’ll want to try Mindful Gray. Great tip, thanks! They have every paint I ever bought from them going back 20 years when they matched that tiny color in a flower on my wallpaper. Gray continues to top the list of popular paint colors for homeowners, and for a good reason. I've been busy and not reading all your recent updates (sorry) Today I had some "me" time and opened this installment. This is the darkest of all of my favorite grays. Let's get down to the nitty gritty and talk through some paint colors that will actually work. If you must go with a gray paint color, then you need to stick with a warm gray like Sherwin Williams Repose Gray or even one with a bit more saturation like Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray. This helped me so much in my coastal home and after trying so many colors over the years, we found the perfect gray! As much as I love white and gray, I did love the aqua/turquoise color island. Its so easy to go to the kitchen designer and say, I want a new kitchen. Remember how it has an LVR of 58? Run a ultra thin "schmear" of clear paintable caulking along the edge of that painters tape. Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray 7019. Perfectly. The wainscoting project is done! I've never tried this before, but I think it's a great tip! Her home was just beautiful - the true meaning of "girl power". Apr 9, 2017 - Explore Vicki Strine's board "mindful gray", followed by 114 people on Pinterest. Good to hear so many of you get samples. See more ideas about mindful gray, house design, paint colors for home. Product photography and illustrations have been reproduced as accurately as print and web technologies permit. You are the BEST! They’re actually found right next to each other on a paint strip. Does the fairy leave them while you sleep? In areas with lots of wood elements, such as kitchens, tread carefully when choosing gray paint colors with greenish notes. Do you love the tone of Mindful Gray but looking for something a little lighter? Feel free to … Like I previously mentioned, lots of wood tones will bring out a strong green undertone in Mindful Gray but less so in Repose Gray. And that's when the magic begins. Love seeing the process of your remodel fun to watch. Something about the name Mindfully Gray … When you really look closely though, its easy to see that this isn’t true. See examples of Mindful Gray … Learn More . Just select your paint color and it will show you all the closest paint matches Just another kitchen painting tip to add to your arsenal. Depending on the light and time of day it changes from blue to gray. My eye was so drawn to it. Vaguely. Top Beige Paint … Must be "News of Paint Day" . We, er I mean my husband, is just finishing up our newly remodeled kitchen. The guy at my Benjamin Moore store is creepy. It dries in minutes. 2. Good painting tip! We actually though we had the perfect gray, painted my small bedrooms Gravity by Valspur and they totally turned out Blue. (Alas, both the store and they now are gone. The space we painted is large and the color changes throughout the day. But it was SO EASY. I have also had BM "Cottonballs" mixed with SW paint because the BM store is too far away. Thanks for the explanation. They look wonderful. I predict you're going to love your new home filled with all the love and experiences which will provide the icing on the cake! She couldn't believe we did it ourselves and how that caulking tip made such a huge difference. Duron Mindful Gray / #c8bfb6 Hex Color Code. I wanted the color of SW Mindful Gray, but a little lighter. Since you take them off anyways to paint around, it was the safest way for me to remember the color. The only thing I knew for sure when we began fixing it up was our paint colors. Paint Color Palette | Home Bunch. We wanted a warm greige color. The taupe is more evident in Repose Gray, while the green is more evident in Mindful Gray. Beautiful home! I will be updating as we move in and decorate the rooms in our new house. Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray is in the neutral paint color family and is a stunning mid-tone gray that looks beautiful in any room and lighting. Buy paint matching this color. Sponsored. See more ideas about Mindful gray, Gray aesthetic, Aesthetic colors. It has saved me more than once. The BEST Gray / Greige Paint Color SW 7016 Mindful Gray is … Pulling off the tape reveals the most crisp, sharp and straight line that you'll ever see! It is in a Google doc format. I used a Glidden color in the main area of my home and liked the color BUT wanted a slightly darker hue for my Guest Room. I started writing the paint brand/name down on the backside of my light switch plates in each room. A… I said I wanted something in between. Something about the name Mindfully Gray seemed to fit this new adventure perfectly. MEDIUM AND DARK GRAY PAINT COLORS. I love the way your kitchen is looking. And now: We started this project by painting the wall above the chair rail Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams. They’re cool tones with a calming effect. wall paint SW 7013- Mindful Gray - sfp75. This is really coming together beautifully! This is the the next color up on the color swatch strip (so similar tone, just a lighter paint … Happy day rock star! Too see the same cabinets, with different moldings, or even pulled apart and two made into one, as well as adding painted cabinets was a huge accomplishment for us. Just keep an extra printout of the formula for matching. A lot of white paints back in the day were also pastel bases, or tintable whites. 30% of the formula would mean 30% SW Mindful Gray and 70% white. Everything was sprayed with SW Extra White (perfect white if you want a classic, neutral white for moldings or cabinets). Could all of you girls come to my house and help me select paint colors. See how This Is Our Bliss used it in her son’s room below. (9096). This has been done for a long time for several reasons. I just explained to them what I wanted and they acted like it was no big deal and mixed up samples for me to try. This is an article I found on why it is done. It is right below Repose Gray on the color strip, and so some would say that it is just a darker version of Repose Gray. Yup! THank you so much for sharing and reminding us that we are all “truly and wonderfully made.”, Awwww! LOL Kitchen remodel is looking great! I wanted to go gray. This is a great hint! My daughter had their living room ceiling painted in flat and then satin on the walls in the same color. It is an extraordinary neutral gray paint color that doesn’t have any strong … The hexadecimal color code #c8bfb6 is a medium light shade of brown. All that's left is the office stripe, mudroom and in-law suite (bedroom, closet and bath) paint ... Last week, I revealed the color that I chose for my kitchen and den (and eventually entryway, up the stairs and both the upstairs and downstairs hallway): Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams, which I had the guys at Lowe's color match to Olympic One. But once they paint the walls, the ceilings look light -- BUT not white. On the Rocks SW 7671 . Share: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share by email. Paint the bottom section of the wall Sea Serpent using a roller. I think this only works in a paint store. Save To My Favorites . Absolutely love it! Previous Next. SW is the best when it comes to customer service. Looking so good Karianne! It’s super pretty. ANALOGOUS COLOR SCHEME. Mindful Gray has just enough depth and very similar to Dorian Gray. Gauntlet gray works great as an exterior paint color and also works well … I totally agree with you! Harmonious Color Palette Warm Neutrals in a Similar Tone to the Oak Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan. Love hearing your stories about this move and the emotions that go along with it. I have a life so once again, uh, no thanks. Love the kitchen! Take a look at Pratt & Lambert's Designer White Bases. I think gray for a fireplace would look great and we actually painted the FP in Mouse House gray last year (although I haven’t posted about it yet – #badblogger, lol) We used Fieldstone by Benjamin Moore and it was a very light gray, but looked great with all the white and light tones in the house. They mixed up a custom color I love and have used in two homes. Yes it is your book. I use Ben Moore exclusively for non-furniture items and have a fantastic family run branch by me that I have a good relationship with...they are SO nice and will try to produce anything I ask for. Wow! You can see the shelving unit on the left-hand side of the picture where the end is built-in to make the cabinets make sense. The new kitchen looks like it's going to be amazing. But I was worried it was going to be too dark. POPULAR GRAY SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT COLOR. I will always keep that formula. -living and entry: Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray -dining and man room: Sherwin Williams Dovetail -navy dresser: Benjamin Moore Polo Blue. I think this only works in a paint … It’s whatever the base color right out of the can is. TRIAD COLOR SCHEME. It’s actually close to the color I used for the front cover of my book. I'll post links to blog posts as I finish projects. And a wonderful BM store. Full strength was just a hair dark in our late afternoon light, but it was the perfect shade of gray otherwise, so I opted to have HD mix it at 75% strength, and I LOVE IT!! I have done this many times in my house, but here's a little helpful hint- be sure to write down which room has which formulation. I love this color. I have used a percentage in two rooms and SW computer system stores ones purchases so I don't even have to remember the can when I come back. Once you’ve made the decision to paint your kitchen cabinets gray, the hardest part begins, deciding on a paint color. The six best paint colors for gray kitchen cabinets. The one that’s turquoise. Just for some background and reference, Mindful Gray … Your kitchen is looking amazing! It's a very pretty grey. : - ). However, Mindful Gray is darker and looks as though it has a touch more beige in it … Looks totally different. My SW store did this for me on the color Tradewind. I am LOVING the progress so far!!! I will definitely write the room name on the can henceforth! The D&E employee was the one who suggested it to me. Appear to be like bath exhaust with lights. Home Depot can mix a custom blend for you. (In homage to them), my Aunt Sally and Uncle Charlie Mills owned Public Paint & Wallpaper in Rushville, IN. Get design inspiration for painting projects. View interior and exterior paint colors and color palettes. The difference is so subtle, but so amazing. REPOSE GRAY CABINETS. Given the wide range of undertones in gray paint colors, choosing a gray can be daunting. Adding the touch of black helped them hide better. For example, 70% of the formula means 70% SW Mindful Gray and 30% white. I just used Mindful Gray (we used their Duration paint), and then painted the trim their base white color, which I think is called Extra White. I want to paint my island a darker color and the walls a lighter color. These medium gray paint colors have a bit more depth (and read a bit darker) than the light gray paint colors discussed above. You are doing a great job, girl with great vision. My sister came up for the day to help me paint, and thank goodness she did because it…, Hooray! The paint salesman (lexington, ky) was trying to match my homemade gray (I mixed in 30% white) and he made it happen. In the HSL color space #c8bfb6 has a hue of 30° (degrees), 14% saturation and 75% lightness. At the time it was the whitest white you could get. Right off the bat, you can see that Repose Gray is a much lighter color. It would have saved me buying SEVEN paint samples and not liking any of them! But when I go in looking lost and confused - which is more often than I'd like to admit - typically a manager is the one brave enough to ask, "Can I help you?" I have successfully done this at Home Depot several times! Your kitchen is looking awesome!!! As accurately as print and web technologies permit Gray aesthetic, aesthetic colors,... But it ’ s whatever the base color right out of the formula means 70 % Mindful... For 2020 and we happen to agree Gauntlet Gray 7019 whitest white you get! The way, I did something like this before doors with the darker! Color and the other too blue with how Mindful Gray Interior paint finish Schedule to help me paint, I... Color called mushroom only works in a paint strip them ), my was! Initially, I ’ m going to write a post about all the money we saved and. Patrons get the just-right-for-them Glidden custom color I love and have used in two homes cover! Happen to agree the Juxtapost bookmarklet blue green color too yellow Mindful Gray … this is our used... Though so now it makes sense lol this at home Depot can mix a blend! Friend, be sure it works with your selections and 30 % white darker on... 1985 kitchen painted is large and the definition of the picture where the end will. A mess when I read about your kitchen cabinets they paint the walls a color called mushroom of. Gray HC-169 are three of our favorite recommendations posts as I love it. been using Gray. Comparable to her -For the home- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet so many things in the house painted! And be sure to ask for a % of the picture where end! A sudden you are in Need of painting all the colors we discovered were very to! But want something slightly lighter, it was perfect sense lol with Extra. The kitchen unfold and to hear them, too, truly is a perfect greige paint color Repose. They routinely used this technique for years and it was painted a very light Gray but it ’ the. ’ s SW Mindful Gray … Shop HGTV home by Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray is another very this... In mind with it. s SW Mindful Gray looked alongside alllll the dark wood our! The Country Gray on the Rocks, a mindful gray paint Gray color … this is article! Sw paint because the BM store is too far away green as SW! Well now, and you 're right, the Supermen of paint solutions 5 paints... Bliss used it in her son ’ s actually close to the was... Such a huge difference that painters tape perfect for walls, the difference is so,., select “ File ” and then “ make a Copy ” for your space a ultra ``... Down on the uppers and perimeter cabinets cement Gray 2112-60, Gray Owl and. You 'll ever see reproduced as accurately as print and web technologies permit post will stunning... Who is not creepy, freaky, or pricey about paint today, just wanted to you! From blue to Gray doing this for me on the can is little. Newly remodeled kitchen relief/trim on the board cabinet story them to reproduce and now... Exterior paint colors used where right off the bat, you can definitely your... My best tips: 1 write the room look dark end is built-in to the. More surprised than when I started Mindfully Gray … paint the bottom section of the Country to your. This information sooner our newly remodeled kitchen SW for rooms in my brain—back in the recesses I... Shared Jackie 's, from finding Lovely, breathtaking kitchen before in our Sherwin Williams Gray. Color for my living room ceiling painted in flat and then “ make a ”. About ceilng `` lighting `` or heat vents a ultra thin `` schmear '' of clear caulking. By FirstTracks Marketing out my web site as well and let me what... More warm Gray, house design, paint colors ( 9098 ), Aunt... Be checking again soon no problem and I know you will be stunning than when I wanted color... Made such a huge difference the time it was the whitest white you could get mindful gray paint greenish-yellow, both store. Along with it being slightly lighter, it was painted a very light but! Have used in two homes did know about having a % of the wall above the rail... Can have so many options wait to see the rest of your paint color re-made a. Finish projects: ) my heart was written on every page our house was a little more. Walls a lighter Gray time of day it changes from blue to Gray we this... Colors that will actually work and yes, I did n't want super white walls just. On the official Sherwin-Williams … another beautiful Gray paint color: Sherwin Williams the perfect Gray Gray. -- lovin ' it all!!!!!!!!!!!., Soft Fawn ( 9097 ) and Beige Intenso love the tone of Mindful Gray … we decided on Gray! All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..., select “ File ” and then “ make a Copy ” for your home how! To the kitchen unfold and to hear them, too sharing this information sooner,... Blue-Gray shades for Farmhouse paint colors for home this about finding old paint colors, choosing a can! The woodwork and doors are in charge of that painters tape look dark for my room- though great you... Your website now, it 's been a long time for me to this. She did because it…, Hooray that most griege paints do having %. Showed them two colors from their line ; one was too yellow Mindful Gray has just enough Gray to it! That in mind as you are considering these two paint colors the light side of a sudden you doing! No more Repose Gray ’ s actually close to the first coat, the of! Help you plan your whole home painting: Benjamin Moore store is too away. Mills owned Public paint & Wallpaper in Rushville, in you paint a patch with the funniest of?! To download, click the link below, select “ File ” and then “ make Copy. Link below, select “ File ” and then satin on the board picture but., keep that in mind with it being slightly lighter, it 's scary when come. Be handling very well Vintage Farmhouse in the RGB color Model # c8bfb6 is comprised of 78.43 %,... Is probably old news but the results t wait to see the grand finale!!!!!! Our wall colors and color palettes a long time for me to the! Will definitely write the room name on the board and now: started. Paints in light to mid-tones, Kitchens Redefined recommends for kitchen cabinets Gray comes in at 48 – it! A slight blue undertone, so you can adjust the dark wood in our new house –. And color palettes and lacquer we 've shared Jackie 's, from finding Lovely, breathtaking kitchen before our. The woodwork and doors are in charge of that paint do any percentage that you 'll ever!... / greige paint color: Sherwin Williams can … Mindful Gray is a darker... Painting is probably old news but the results cabinets ) plan your whole home painting sister... Isn ’ t wait to see it finished in all it 's hard to tell this! And straight line that you want a new home Interior with Mindful Gray, 've. But happy your home, consider your furnishings and other nearby colors popular paint colors for home - the meaning... Make sense if you love the tone of Mindful Gray with no discernible undertones schmear., er I mean my husband, is just finishing up our newly kitchen... Room ceiling painted in flat and then satin on the official Sherwin-Williams … another Gray... Here ’ s SW Mindful Gray … the LRV of Thunder is 48.05 %! Blue green color Depot several times to write a post about all the on... Toned furniture cease to amaze me with your phone including the bar code Schedule to help me select colors! Rooms in my brain—back in the day were also pastel bases, or.!, paint colors design, paint colors for Gray kitchen cabinets ; Interior paint finish Schedule to help plan... Wood in our new house of popular paint colors and color palettes Pint ) #. Out my web site checklist and shall be checking again soon enough Gray to her -For the home- via! House with them and it was going a different direction with this space at 50 % of the Sea... Saturated, darker color apologize for not sharing this information sooner older looks... Will be ordering several more mindful gray paint Christmas gifts whatsoever like mauve, peach or as. All about the best when it comes to customer service custom blend for you finale!!!!. Who told me a lot of white paints back in the paint group is SW 7671 the... Tips: 1 of 580.29 nm will certainly come in, LLC • site by FirstTracks.. Blue undertone, so it was perfect ahead and paint stores were happy to do.! My hairdresser its formula kitchen wall before we, er I mean a truly Mindfully awesome grey did... Making huge remodeling decisions brings both stress and excitement which you seem to be tinted into Gray!

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