His claim to fame, among other things, is that Leo was known for turning back Attila the Hun from sacking Rome, and he … According to the painting The Meeting Between Leo the Great and Attila, what happened at the meeting between Pope Leo and Attila the Hun? Not Pope Leo nor king Atilla ever mentionned it in their writings nor records The painting depicts the meeting between the Pope Leo I and Attila the Hun, which took place in 452 in northern Italy. Pope St. Leo stood by himself to face this barbarian and met him outside the city. The Huns turned back from their plans to invade Rome soon after this encounter. There are several versions of how the Scourge of God met his end. ‘The Meeting of Pope Leo and Attila’ by Francesco Solimena ( Public Domain ). No one knows what he said, but the Attila the Hun was persuaded to leave. Pope St. Leo the Great reigned twenty-one years as pope in the 5th century. Attila raises his arm as Sts. Peter and Paul appear in the sky. The Meeting of Leo the Great and Attila Artist Raphael Year 1514 Medium Fresco Location Apostolic Palace, Vatican City This is another fresco created by Raphael and his apprentice, Giulio Romano, in 1514 for the Stanza di Eliodoro. Is the painting The Meeting Between Leo the Great and Attila … Warm-up: Pass out copies of the Raphael Painting warm-up or project the image. 1. 1 Pope Leo and Attila the Hun Central Historical Question: What happened at the meeting between Pope Leo and Attila the Hun? 2. ii. meeting happened between Pope Leo and Attila the Hun. >. Source: The Meeting between Leo the Great and Attila, created by Raphael in 1514. Instead of doing a full analysis of their meeting, I want to look at how the text The Golden Legend tells it. In fact the latter appears twice in the same scene, portrayed in the guise of Pope Leo the Great and as cardinal. Initially, Raphael depicted Leo I with the face of Pope Julius II but after Julius' death, Raphael changed the painting to resemble the new pope, Leo X. Leo X appears both as cardinal and as pope. The Death of Attila, the Heart of the Huns . In any case, Attila the Hun would be dead in the following year. Three years is relatively close to the actual meeting. > "All the women in Rome have syphillis." The story is told that while Saint Leo was talking to Attila, a vision of St. Peter holding a drawn sword appeared over his head. As a result of my ignorance, I was surprised to learn that there are accounts of Attila and Pope Leo interacting with each other. Attila the Hun is one of those famous historical figures I knew existed, but know very little about. In 452, Attila the Hun led an army to attack Rome. The Meeting between St. Leo the Great and Attila is the only altarpiece in St. Peter's consisting of a monumental marble relief. Let the saint exult in that he draws near to victory. (He was Pope Leo "the First," and the first pope to later be called "The Great.") It depicts the pope repelling Attila and the Huns from attacking Rome. iii. The meeting between Pope Leo and king Atilla was a fable and never happened. Materials: Raphael Painting Warm-up Background PowerPoint Copies of Documents A & B Guiding Questions Plan of Instruction: 1. It is long enough to forget some details, but close enough to the meeting that people would probably remember the general events. Then Leo . > > What did Pope Leo I say to the King Attila the Hun to prevent him from > > sacking Rome? Attila was secretly paid a large sum. The details of this negotiation were kept secret in order to preset the event as divine intervention and give Leo I. all the glory, but it’s logical one of two things happened, possibly both - 1. Based on the information we have, we don’t know if Prosper was actually at the meeting or not.