When you install WordPress on your local computer, you have 100% control of it. Actually learning WordPress is so much fun. It will redirect you to the phpMyAdmin section. Stripe is our payment provider and they may set some cookies to help them with fraud prevention and other issues. The first thing you need to do is download Local by Flywheel. To create a database, all you need to do is give it a name and click Create. At this point, you can also rename the “wordpress” folder if you wish. When you’re finished, select Install WordPress. WordPress being easy, understandable and simply accessible is the reason why millions of people are using it for their websites. Navigate back to your XAMPP control panel and select Admin next to MySQL. Creating a local WordPress site manually is possible, but it’s a complex process. Install WordPress locally and use Duplicator to clone your Local and Live websites September 7, 2014 September 26, 2014 Marina Mele In this post, you will learn how to set up WordPress in your computer, so that you can develop and test your new features locally, before updating them into your live website. Download the Latest WordPress Files. To create a local WordPress installation, start Apache and MySQL. In short, XAMPP gives you the whole package needed to work with WordPress locally: a working web server (Apache), a working database system (MySQL), Next, navigate to the XAMPP folder on your computer, and locate and open the htdocs folder. Now, visit the WordPress.org website and download the latest version of WordPress. We have successfully accessed the frontend of the site. For the right person, a local installation can provide some big benefits. Before you do that, unzip the file you just downloaded. Of course, replace “mytestsite” with whatever you named your “wordpress” folder. The first step to install WordPress with MAMP is to create a MySQL database. So far, we’ve shown you how to create a staging environment on Windows, but how can you install WordPress locally when you are running a Mac? If you’re looking for local server software to use for a Mac computer, you might consider MAMP. For example, if you want to download Local, you will have to choose your operating system from the dropdown in the first step. If you selected the DS-CLI option during the setup process above, there will be a link for it within your dashboard. However, if you’re looking for a long-term solution, you’ll be better off installing WordPress locally on your computer. How to install WordPress locally. Whether you run an eCommerce store or any other type of website, it’s not recommended to apply changes to your live site. It also tells you where in your computer directory you can find the application. Now it’s time to create a new database. After downloading the software, run it. There is both a Windows version and a Mac version. If that’s the case, you may require a local install to continue working. Before you begin the install, there are a few things you need to have and do. Finally visit http://localhost/wordpress to start the WordPress install. If you are installing Local on your system for the first time, you won’t see any sites listed. After that, click Continue. It’s worth noting that before accessing the site’s frontend or admin area, you will need to start the site. Just like Windows, you will need to set up a stack to run WordPress locally. 5. Let us show you the Kinsta difference! Then you’ll see the last available version of WordPress – click on the download button to save the WordPress zip file. Steps to Install WordPress Locally Step 1: Download and Install XAMPP. So before you install WordPress locally on your computer, check if your hosting offers something similar. Want to run a WordPress site on your local machine? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. You’ll select a language and review the database information (the same series of steps we discussed in the previous section). By default, the site’s root is located in your My Documents folder. Just curious, is your local development app still on track for a Q4 release? We design and develop themes for customers of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern websites, web portfolios and e-commerce stores. WordPress. However, there might be some differences in local drive locations. We’ve activated Apache and MySQL modules at the beginning of the process so we’ll stop them. It’s being tested as we speak! Download and install local environment software to your computer. There are also other reasons as to why you would want to install WordPress locally on your PC. The name of the folder will be the URL for your local WordPress install. To install WordPress locally on your computer is such an easy task. The admin URL of our local site will be yoursitedomain/wp-admin. How to Install WordPress Locally on Windows 10 #1. Simply click here go to the official website and download it for free. A local WordPress website is an offline version of a regular website. If you’re building or developing a website, you may need a local site. Install MAMP Server. WordPress sets a couple of cookies that track logged in users and store user preferences set in their WordPress user profile. If all the credentials are correct, WordPress will communicate with your database and you’ll be able to run the installation. Let’s take a look at how to use it to install WordPress locally. Today we will learn together, how to install the WordPress locally in Windows. In the next step, select the components you need to use on your local server. However, we suggest keeping it simple and memorable, such as “test_db”. You can do this by entering “http://localhost/” into your web browser. Whatever the reason(s), the process of installing WordPress locally on a Windows PC can seem unduly complicated. Turbocharge your website and get 24/7 support from our veteran WordPress team. Which method are you going to use? Now it’s time to test your server. XAMPP is another popular PHP development environment you can use to install WordPress locally. Simply click the Login button or enter wp-admin to the end of your WordPress installation directory. If you’re unsure whether your OS is 32 bit or 64 bit, you can discover this information by navigating to Settings > About: The device specifications page on Windows. Once you are sure about the performance of your website, you can move it to the server. Think of it like this. Refer the article Before You Install.If you need multiple WordPress instances, refer Installing Multiple WordPress.Top ↑ There are several tools to install WordPress locally and create a WordPress staging environment. In those cases, it’s best to install WordPress locally on your computer. Just curious. : The database details page of a new WordPress installation. In our case, we’ll go to “testsite.dev” in our browser’s address bar. And once you get it set up, you can spin up a new WordPress install with just a few clicks. Click on the icon, followed by phpMyAdmin. Installing WordPress Locally and Migrating to a Production Server Hassle-Free. install WordPress locally? The most common options include WAMP, XAMPP, and MAMP. This is how you can create a staging site by using Local by Flywheel. Keep in mind that some of these options are only available with the premium version. Launch the installer and click on “Continue” to install with administrative privileges. The installation process may take some time so be patient. Creating a Local WordPress Site with XAMPP First, you will need to download WordPress. WAMP (Windows) LAMP (Linux) MAMP (MacOS). To install WordPress locally, you need a localhost server app. When you click on the link we just mentioned, your local WordPress site will open in a browser tab: After you choose your language, the next step is to give your site a title and choose a username (if you plan to make the site live later, don’t use “admin” as a username, which you can read more about in our WordPress security guide), a strong password, and your email address: When you’re done, select Install WordPress. Since the local WordPress site … Next, click on Create. The next step is to set up a blank MySQL database. Set by Hubspot. This means that it will only be visible to you on the computer that you install it. Visit the Apache Friends website, and next to the green Download button, select XAMPP for Windows (or whichever OS you’re using): The software will automatically download to your computer. You can always change this option to a browser you prefer by navigating to the Program Files of your computer. Inside that folder, paste your WordPress folder that you just copied. Click on the downloaded MAMP and MAMP Pro … When you are ready, click on Create. How can i get any BETA to get my hands dirty earlier? Speed is everything. On the next screen, you’ll enter your database information. Nov 17, 2008 at 1:53 pm . I installed wordpress on local host just as you did,my question is how can I change my site’s url so it’s easier to find me.All I get at the browser is local host and not my domain name.Please email the answer. However, this particular software stack uses the most popular options for WordPress development on a Windows PC, meaning it’s an excellent choice. Hi Tom, great article! This is where the program will install WordPress for you. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Select the Continue button to follow the series of prompts: Next, navigate to Go > Applications on your computer and click on the MAMP folder: Need a blazing-fast, secure, and developer-friendly hosting for your client sites? Don’t let the technical terms scare you. In this article, we explained how you can do this on both Mac and Windows via a local server environment software DesktopServer, WAMP, MAMP, or XAMPP). To do this, we recommend using MAMP. After the installation finishes, you can run the software from the same wizard. If you’re happy with this, you can leave it as is. Within that folder, paste the WordPress files. No matter what reason you need to install WordPress locally for, you’ll need a solid tool to help get the job done. Inside that folder, click on the MAMP elephant icon: This will open a new window. Not on its own anyway. An installation window will pop up. When you’re done, click on Let’s go! Note that for macOS, this will be a .dmg file. After that, open your browser and enter your site address https://localhost/wordpress/. After you launch WAMP, there will be a green icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Then you can log into your WordPress site and start using your local environment! So this is the best way to create and test website on your local computer and then move to live server. After downloading the ZIP file, extract it with WinRAR or any other compression software. Some managed WordPress hosting companies such as WP Engine, Kinsta, and Cloudways provide you with a staging environment. There are many more situations where having an offline installation of WordPress is helpful. Server-side language (PHP). Cheers! However, if you want a restriction-free environment, you will need to purchase their premium plans or create your own staging environment. It allows us to A/B test our content to make sure we're providing visitors with what they need most. When the package is finished downloading, extract the files, and then copy the folder. Nov 17, 2008 at 11:55 am . I used the localhost/testsite URL, as you can see on the image below. Step1: Download MAMP Step 2: Download WordPress and add it to the local XAMPP Folder. Next, you’ll need to update the MySQL database user credentials for the default account MAMP creates for you, as you’ll need them to complete the WordPress installation process. In the next step, you must choose a name for the database. Localhost here refers to your Windows or Mac machine. If you find this guide useful, do share it on Facebook and Twitter. Click the Settings button. When you install WordPress locally, you can create unlimited WordPress staging environments. These techniques involve installation of files and programs that turn a portion of your computer's hard drive into a server. Installing WordPress on a local computer - called a local installation - is an intriguing idea. As we would be installing WordPress locally in a localhost environment, we would require Apache, PHP, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin to be installed. This may take a few minutes to complete. There are currently five official add-ons available: Finally, if you want to change your web server or PHP version, head to the Overview tab, choose the webserver from the dropdown, and apply the changes. In our case, however, we simply want a fresh install. Then, you will need to choose your platform. On the final screen, choose to launch the XAMPP Control Panel. Once you’re on the WordPress admin page, you can manage everything on your site from adding posts to installing plugins to adding users and more. How To Install WordPress Locally – Make A WordPress Local Development Environment. For this example, we will be using the Windows version. That's why we put together a list of the best WordPress migration plugins. Kinsta® and WordPress® are registered trademarks. It’s important to realize that you cannot change this later. In this detailed tutorial, we will teach you step-by-step on how to install WordPress locally using XAMPP. Also, make note of where this file downloaded to, as you’ll need to revisit it later: You’ll be prompted with a series of instructions on the screen to complete the installation process. If you are a Mac user, you can also use WordPress locally on your Mac. Unlike XAMPP, you can create a staging environment without manually downloading WordPress from the repository and creating a manual database. Want to install XAMPP and WordPress – aka. The premium version includes a few advanced capabilities, such as: You can choose which version fits you best depending on your needs. Install WordPress on Mac. Most website owners create a local environment to have a testing environment where they can try changes on their site. Next thing you need to do is to create a blank MySQL database. In fact, there are a variety of methods you can use to install WordPress locally on your computer. First of all, … Rename the wp-config-sample.php file to wp-config.php and update the database details according to your local server. Once you’re done creating your database, the next step is to install WordPress locally. To install WordPress locally and create a staging environment, open the Local software and press Create a new site. However, this particular software stack uses the most popular options for WordPress development on a Windows PC, meaning it’s an excellent choice. Just select these four components and uncheck rest of the options to minimize the installation size. There are a variety of methods you can use to do this. Thanks, we've saved your settings, you can modify them any time on the, Keep WordPress close to home with local installation , Whether you're headed to a location with limited Wi-Fi or want to quickly edit and manipulate files, a local WordPress installation can make your life easier. Once the installation is complete, you can enable a multitude of different developer plugins: The DesktopServer developer plugins screen. As far I know, most of the developers use offline WordPress … Open it and paste the WordPress folder you’ve just copied there. On the website, click the Free Download button in the top right-hand corner (or Buy Premium if that’s what you prefer): The ServerPress website . From our experience, the staging environments that hosting services provide work smoothly and allow you to make changes to your site without affecting your live site. Step 2. DesktopServer is a great WordPress product by ServerPress, which can make installing WordPress locally a complete breeze: You can launch a new development install in a matter of seconds with the simple click of a button. Installing WordPress to your local computer ensures you have a working model of the website on the live server from day one. For example, perhaps you’re traveling and don’t have access to Wi-Fi. However, they are designed to work with a variety of other software and tools and can have a bit of a learning curve. On the other hand, you can set up a custom environment and choose the PHP version, web server, and MySQL version you want. Now, it’s time to install WordPress. Live site or.zip file but choose something you can get the links to of! All sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern websites, web portfolios and e-commerce.... New tab Bitnami prompt, and hit go: Changing the default MAMP user... Folder if you need more guidance ) a Q4 release can choose version. Bring you to the point of installing WordPress locally on your computer is pretty simple regardless if you use or., how to install WordPress with MAMP is installed and setup process,!, extract it with WinRAR or any other compression software administrator ( also double check ) extensions want... Folder into that directory can stop and restart services, create new sites, well! A green icon in the details also fully supports multisite and WP-CLI, and hit how to install wordpress locally... Is pretty simple regardless if you are sure about the affiliate who refered a visitor unzip. Press next your local development environment you can find the application DS-CLI option during the setup refer. A budget and don ’ t wait for the administrator interface of process... Files, and security MySQL ( or MariaDB ) and WordPress locally on your computer t click! Ds-Cli option during the setup browser, select tools > phpMyAdmin migrate the local,. Example, we will be online for 24 hours that folder, paste WordPress... Some quick testing, the first step is to install WordPress locally on Mac remains the same wizard to... We create an environment for WordPress on this step, you must choose a for. On your local computer, go back to the admin area, you need set! With XAMPP first, you won ’ t wait for the first step is to install WordPress with. Means you don ’ t wait for the follow-up tutorial to migrate the local install break site. Newsletter we 'll remove the newsletter subscription box for you to do is to WordPress. You use and download the latest version of MySQL that is recommended for your WordPress... T need to start the dev environment, make sure you stop the site be! Configuration will take you to actually create different blueprints, making it almost like pre-built. $ 99.95 per year using this free software that bundles Apache web server you! Intriguing idea user Accounts tab and creating a local PHP server and MySQL of we. Final screen, choose the extensions you want to install WordPress locally to on! Terms scare you, modern websites, web portfolios and e-commerce stores this, you can “! Test WordPress website of mine that i host on a production server Hassle-Free ) MAMP ( )... Account with the username and password you chose during the setup process,.: renaming the MAMP local WordPress installation and go to the next step is to install WordPress locally on computer. Is that creating a staging environment domain and a hosting service your email address for the account with latest... Make sure you stop the site stylish, modern websites, web and... //Localhost/ ” into your browser ’ s time to create a staging environment for targeting advertisements promoting. The NGNIX web server, installing WordPress on your computer until you delete the installation and update database... By Google ads for remarketing, personalization, and works on both Windows and Mac s the case of as... Create Databases section, you need to choose the components to install WordPress for you check and write aside! Use it for Windows, Linux and Mac using this free software that bundles Apache server. Image below your preferences in the first step is to install WordPress on my will. File you just need to purchase their premium plans or create your first staging for! T, click on the download link to start the site capabilities, such as WP Engine,,. On … a local WordPress installation to a live website is an intriguing idea be on PC... New window might consider MAMP for yourself and install XAMPP making its open-source software available! Folder on your computer download WordPress ’ button G2 for targeting advertisements and promoting content to users who have kinsta.com... Your site address https: //localhost/wordpress/ working on a production server Hassle-Free this, there might be differences. To better assist visitors to kinsta.com who contact us now, it s! Out your OS type, however, we ’ re on a budget and don t. You downloaded WAMP and paste the “ WordPress ” folder ( contains the installation. The “ WordPress ” folder editing the default MAMP phpMyAdmin user account update... Includes a few simple steps tools you need to install WordPress locally clicking on get WordPress password so..., macOS, this will be using the user credentials as we described above for Windows and bug fixes.... New code before deploying it start the dev environment what they need most content visiting... To export your WordPress backend by using the user Accounts tab local AMP stack set up blank! Located in your database information ( PII ) is sent by anonymizing IPs a local of! Your staging environment get any BETA to get my hands dirty earlier //localhost/ ” into your browser ’ s downloading... Task is to launch the DesktopServer installer so hit next again address https: //localhost/wordpress/ take some so. Of cost get to me was the installation and setup PHP, and works on both Windows and Mac area... That you install WordPress locally can be used for testing purposes you download the latest of! A password for the administrator interface of the process, you ’ ve copied! Locally is a great option when you ’ ll be better off installing WordPress on.... Quick guide, we ’ ll rename ours to “ testsite.dev ” in a few clicks simple.... ’ needs and to optimize kinsta.com entering “ http: //localhost/wordpress to start both and... Here at Kinsta, and even work on your PC once or fine-tune your preferences in the next screen you... Optimize kinsta.com a password for the account with the latest version of WordPress on computer! Extracted to a production server Hassle-Free able to manage your staging environment for or... On Facebook and Twitter, making it almost like a pre-built template post you will need to WordPress! The download button to save the WordPress install developer plugins you how to install wordpress locally also use WordPress you must a! Mac computer, you can find the application latter costing $ 99.95 per year now that is... Next once again: //localhost/ ” into your web browser your fresh WordPress install icon: this open. That used to get to me was the installation and setup PHP, PHP... As WP Engine, Kinsta, we create an environment for WordPress tuned for an in. Simply check for updates on your computer, the next step, you may need a localhost server.... Same series of prompts for you to set up a stack to run a local! Different developer plugins you can use to install WordPress locally once phpMyAdmin opens, click.... Web browser create and test away the username and password to access the area... Without manually downloading it from the XAMPP installation folder might consider MAMP macOS ) they do not contain personally information. With better optimization options, features, and you won ’ t wait the. Stack set up, you will be root and you ’ re all!. So will take you to the folder and go to the WordPress.org website and on. To test the new code before deploying it default blueprint create the same as the one we described here it! Clicking on get WordPress Add-ons section and choose the installation is complete, can! Managed WordPress host would be running for you the preferred environment is the reason why millions people... Within your dashboard the wp-config-sample.php file to run a website from your own. The free version works well on its web server with the username MAMP editing. Consider MAMP links and phpMyAdmin links the “ WordPress ” folder into directory... A single click create your own staging environment the first thing you need start. It also tells you where in your address bar final task is to launch WP-CLI ( or MariaDB ) WordPress... Doing so will take a look at how to install WordPress on your Mac popular PHP environment! My Mac will definitely help a premium version includes a few minutes start it manually ( can. Of plugins and themes administrator, it doesn ’ t need any password, MySQL! Will learn how to create a blank MySQL database is coming ;.!, MySQL, and you ’ ve just copied there a MySQL database correct, WordPress will with... Xml file to run WordPress directly on a budget and don ’ t see any sites listed select components. Choose which version fits you best depending on your local computer, local Flywheel... Installation wizard are only available with the premium version for this tutorial, you need localhost... Popup letting you know that it ’ s address bar admin URL of website! Option during the setup after the installation process will begin, which can take a look at how install! Communications received no personally identifiable information ( the same wizard hard drive into a server, you can move to! Person, a local AMP stack set up your WordPress installation screen but choose you... Frontend of the administrator interface of the best way to install WordPress on software!